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Build Mental Strength



At MOTYV8 we have blended the most cutting edge technology and behavioral science into one single platform to help unlock your player's potential by building mental strength, transform your team's culture by building connection, and align your team by getting them organized. All this to ensure your team can perform their best in those critical moments when the lights go on and the competition heats up. 

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How Does MOTYV8 Help Your Team?

Comprehensive Mental Strength Training

Elevate your team's performance and unlock their mental edge with our comprehensive mental training solution. We make it easy for you to bring mental toughness into your training regimen. Our program is tailored specifically to enhance your players mental game, helping them develop confidence, focus, motivation, resilience, and grit. Our courses are delivered right to their mobile devices making it easy to put mental strength right in their hands. 

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Measure and Track Mental Strength Growth

Take your coaching strategy to new heights with our revolutionary mental strength measurement. The MV8 is our proprietary measure designed to assess your player's mental strength across eight critical categories: focus, confidence, energy, decision-making, motivation, grit, resilience, and growth mindset. By pinpointing individual strengths and areas for improvement, our AI engine delivers targeted training directly to your players. Now you can track and measure progress effortlessly, giving you valuable insights into your team's mental strength progress.

Build Strong Team Chemistry and Team Culture

We know that the team with the most talent does not always win, and that teams with high chemistry win more often. Trust is a critical component to achieving high team chemistry. Recognizing and celebrating each other is the best and fastest way to build trust between players and coaches. Our platform recruits your entire team to participate in the celebration of each others success, making building team culture effortless for you as the coach. 

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Team Communication and Management Tools

Your players will no longer have an excuse for missing the bus, or not seeing a change to the schedule. Say goodbye to the chaos of multiple platforms and disorganized schedules and communication mishaps with our full suite of team organization tools. Seamlessly run multiple teams, adjust rosters, manage calendars, and communicate effectively to ensure that all of your players are on the same page. Your players will perform better when it is easy for them to know where they are supposed to be.

Your Team Brand is Completely Customizable

We know how important school spirit and team pride can be. Your team and players deserve a platform that they can call their own, branded with Team Logos and Team Colors. Upload your logo and primary team color and we do the rest. 

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About MOTYV8

Our Story

MOTYV8 was founded with a simple mission: to improve mental health by building mental strength to help players achieve their full potential in sport. Our team has extensive experience in Technology, Research, Measurement, Sport Psychology, Coaching Psychology and Behavioral Science, and we are passionate about blending the technology and the science to help players, coaches and teams build Mental Strength, improve team connection, and win more.

Our Technology

MOTYV8 blends the very best technology and behavioral science to provide a unique approach to delivering a comprehensive mental strength training program. We have adapted the best science and technology approaches to help build team connections. We have constructed a cutting edge measurement technology to help players and teams understand their mental strength fingerprint and know where to focus their efforts to improve. All while organizing the team in one single platform on their mobile device with administrative tools such as calendars, rosters, and messaging. 

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Want to learn more?
Join our Private Beta

MOTYV8 is currently in prelaunch and is partnering with a few customers in a private beta. Share your information with us to join our community and get early access.

Thank you for your interest in MOTYV8!

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